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Question Hamster wheel type sound front of car - 09-08-2018, 07:29 PM

2011 BMW M sport

Hi, I have been getting a strange sound from the front end.
It happens only when going forward and coming to a stop. doesn't do it in reverse. First I suspected the brakes because it is very obvious when I am braking, and going downhill it makes it even worse.
But, It STILL does it for a second or 2 after I'm completely stopped.
I took the car apart and spent ALL day today greasing everything in the front end, i even lubricated the rubber stripping around the radiator and intercooler and checking my brakes and used the brake lube on them, sanded around rotors, etc etc. The brakes are fine.
I had some friends stand next to the road while I did this over and over. Tried with hood up and they are saying that it sounds like its coming from the radiator/ intercooler/ condenser area or somewhere under the front.
I have no clue its embarrassing and frustrating.
Has anyone else had this? Suggestions?

thanks in advance

2011 M Sport N55 coupe, BMS intake/ chargepipe, Jb4
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