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Originally Posted by bnk
So, JBD could work for many more cars than what it is sold for...
I guess with a little adjustment it could.

I think its based on the lean running of the diesels to stay economy frendly. If you rich them up, they get stronger, but not eonomy frendly any more. So its a simple thing, which is by BMW's usually not that simple to change, but i think it must be similar by the D cars, so Terry could easy adopt it to other models, like 30d, 25d, 20d.

Keep in mind, that after a long period of time, the filter could be full of stuff, since the car is running much richer, so you have to floor it like a maniac to get it cleaned one in a while. Even Hamann makes the mistake that they tune diesels and the particel filter gets much more than it can filter after like 5000km's or so, since the owner drives mostly normal with the car.

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