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Default 12-06-2012, 07:29 PM

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Hey guys,

Finally got around to adapting our WW kit to the 335D. Install is pretty simple with the only real task being you need to drill/tap the plastic charge pipe with a 1/8" NPT hole for the nozzle to screw in. Our trunk mount kits will also be fully compatible. Along with the meth kit we'll need to send you another JBD chip, and there is a wire you need to solder to the JBD. Or you can just send the JBD in to be reflashed and we can solder the wire to the board for you.

On the road it feels great. I did some on/off dyno testing and it gained around 20whp over the JBD only using a 50/50 mix. Overall not bad at all.
Awesome! No tach pickup? Does it not allow you to go WOT without kicking down like an N54? I assume those are shifts..
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