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Unhappy issues with running jb4 app on 19 Q50 3.0t LUXE - 09-25-2019, 11:55 AM


so ive had jb4 installed in 19 q50 3.0t LUXE and first couple days it was amazing. I didn't really know what I was doing and started punching in numbers in map 6 that I really could not grasp the concept of specific tweaks. i am having issues with my ign 1 its just all over the place and trims don't seem to be somewhat linear to the RPMs. i did have a P0101 code come up twice since ive had it. i ended up disconnecting the device and the battery for a couple minutes and it seemed fine but then a week later i had the same issue. i am looking to have someone guide me to the right direction towards controlling the trims and ign 1 and look at a regular log to figure out of i messed up the car in general or if there are some tweaks i can make. i have stopped playing with the map settings since and currently running on map 2. i am just worried about the car in general, not looking to make it a mean machine, just trying to get by

i will attach some logs i have to try and give insight on the conditions and how it drives.

i am trying to attempt to upload the file but it does not accept csv format so ill post the info if anyone can give me their opinion while i try and upload the data

9/25/19 map 0 is after the second P0101 incident

9/25/19 map 2 seeing how it drives if i use a map

9/24/19 map 5 switched to this to see a difference in the logs settings compared to map 2

9/9/19 map 5 BEST was when the car was running in perfect condition as per my experience

greatly appreciate the efforts and really looking forward from hearing from the community.
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File Type: csv Map 5 9.24.19.csv (126.8 KB, 66 views)
File Type: csv Map 5 BEST 9.9.19.csv (9.4 KB, 81 views)
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