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Default 09-23-2019, 09:46 AM

Got a dragy, been messing around with it. Trying to find an area where I can do 1/4 runs, but here's a baseline 0-60 for now. Once I aired the tires to 30psi it dropped to 4.69
2019 Q50 Luxe RWD (wish i got AWD so bad now)
JB4, Fuel Wires, BMS Intakes, AMS L***, Frozen Boost 101 HX

2019 Q50 Luxe RWD *JB4 with Bluetooth, Fuel Wires & EWG Connectors*BMS Intakes*AMS Downers*Frozen Boost 101*Megan Y Pipe*ADD W1 Oil Catch Can*HKS BOVs*275/40/19 Firehawk Indy 500s*
423 whp, 450 tq at 16.8psi with E30/JB4/FW/Intakes
12.64 @114mph
0-60 4.46
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