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Originally Posted by Serstylz2
Not sure where it cuts to 0, I can't read them at all pretty much. I do know that the bog took place on row 337 through row 369. When i first went WOT the car didn't respond right away, then started building boost, then jerked/bogged hard, then kicked in and started pulling. No wheel spin
Im struggling to see it in the excel at those rows. I see that at 337 you went WOT, but boost looks linear and using the BMS JB4 windows app it looks like boost ramps normally from a 1st gear pull. I can see the AFR go real lean at 4200 but assume thats part of the lean spool. The pedal and throttle both agree (your foot and the allows throttle blade opening).

Separately youre fuel wires almost look like theyre on and off. It doesn't really settle out until mid 2nd gear and then looks like it struggles again in 3rd. Seems odd.

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