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Default Broke me box? Idiots guide what - 10-04-2020, 07:56 AM

Hi everyone, guess they not everyone should be allowed to mess with cars.
Decided to buy a used Jb4 with the new jb connect. BMS has clear easy to follow instructions fitted the Bluetooth to the box (EWG v1 ) plugged it in the car with the obd downloaded Jb4 app easy everything worked could see my oil temp and everything could flick through the map all seemed good.
Then....... decided firmware update looks good so browsed the updates choose bmw F chassis N55 EWG downloaded and everything seemed ok, today a looked through the updates and found firmware for bmw b58/b48/b38 and thought that’s the up date for my car oops other one was wrong. (my car is a bmw f21 with the b58 engine) so downloaded the b58 update and the app couldn’t find the Jb4 hardware. Rechecked all cables and Bluetooth tried a different phone still no luck. The car will not run with the box and I have no way of resetting it as the Bluetooth can’t find the Jb4.
Can this be fixed? Or is it now scrap.

Thanks for any help.

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