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Originally Posted by Brettcarson1997
Before i get started, here is a list of my current mods on my 2012 328I "sport" with M/T.

Dinan Dual Core Intercooler
Dinan Big Turbo
MST inlet pipe
ER charge pipe
Mishimoto CAI
Wagner down pipe
Muffler delete
JB4 (Map2 normally / map 7 when running E30+)
45mm Vent Boost Gauge

Stock motor
Stock Clutch (CM FX350 soon)
Stock Flywheel (CM Lightweight Billet Aluminum Flywheel soon)

I was wondering what i should do next? Once i get the new clutch and flywheel, i'm basically done with the "bolt ons" available for this car. I plan on either bagging or coilover-ing the car at some point but am focused on pure performance as of now. I haven't made it to a dyno yet but plan on making a trip this upcoming summer or whenever i can.

Ive thought about upgrading the pistons and rods but so far the motor has not shown any signs of not liking the power it has now. I also want to invest in good oil cooler as im sure the stock one isnt performing as good as it should.
Hey Brett,

If it is performance that you want to focus on, and you want to make the most of your current setup without going with a built engine then I would imagine your next step would be to get a custom flash tune done. Great results can be had when you run a backend flash and stack your JB4 over the top. I'm a big advocate of Bootmod3 and got great results through these guys , granted I'm in Australia.

You'll have all the customisation you need then if you do choose to go and strengthen your N20. I am contemplating this for my own.

I'd be really keen to see your Dyno figures when you get them too
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