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Originally Posted by 08_335i
There's like a 1% chance your misfire is caused by turbos, and the only way they would cause it is if you were running to much boost which would then lead back to tune related or hardware related, not turbo related. I'd be checking the usuals as stated above, plugs, coils, and injectors.
I wasn't saying the turbos were the cause of my misfire, my turbos are excellent!!! I have a front 02 sensor that went to crap, which is giving me a 2C9D (Lambda probe heating in front of catalytic converter 2, input signal) which is making me run lean. My afr2 is reading 20.0 which is kicking me to map 4. I have the ngk 5992's gapped at .22. Once i get this 02 sensor il send some logs!

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