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Originally Posted by jrmy23
Any of my Purestage2 family have there n54s out with no issues? I have a misfire that i cant seem to get rid of, so i been going to map4 for the longest. i dont see much news on these anymore other then the M5.

Hey there,

N54 here with Pure Stage 2s. Mine have been running great, about 10,000kms on the clock :D V reliable!!!

I had some smoking initially at 3000kms, and it turned out to be a faulty injector. Smoking stopped completely when the injector was changed. so I'd suggest that you go through the standard procedure that all of us do when we get misfires, which is to check your spark plugs, ignition coils, and injectors.

It would be very very rare for a turbo to cause you to have misfires, and as Pure has mentioned do post your logs onto the help section so that the good people here can advise you accordingly. We are blessed to have the ability to log our engines so use it to your advantage :D
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