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Default Pure Stg2 - 08-06-2016, 07:44 PM

Originally Posted by jrmy23
Any of my Purestage2 family have there n54s out with no issues? I have a misfire that i cant seem to get rid of, so i been going to map4 for the longest. i dont see much news on these anymore other then the M5.
A misfire is not turbo related. It will usually be one of the following in order of most common: spark plug, ignition coil, tuning or cylinder compression related.

We haven't posted N54 Stg2 updates recently. Yet we have consistently been selling numerous sets of N54 PURE Stg2. We have been informed our N54 turbos are much more reliable than some of the other options available. We have been hearing it a lot lately, and many shops have "switched over" to PURE. Which is great news! We consistently see lots of dyno results popping up. Many on IG and FB. We are a busy shop without social media staff, we have lots of new upgrades and projects happening. Some being N54 related

If you have a misfire, post a log in the support section so BMS can help you sort it out. Which plug and gap are you running?
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