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Originally Posted by wrxified
No. The link in Terry's post has the 4 BEF files that are created by Burger Tuning. They are bin files you would download to your android device, then do the flash through the MHD tuner. You do not install them to the JB4. You need ISO 5.14 or 5.15 firmware installed and running on the JB4 prior to starting the flash.

1. Download MHD tuner and pay $200 for license.
2. Download BEF files to android device. Make a note of where your store the file. Pick appropriate one for your mods
3. Change JB4 to map 0.
4. Hook up car to charger.
5. Make sure android device is fully charged.
6. Plug android to USB OTG cable, then to ObdII cable, to port on car.
7. Select the appropriate JB4 BEF from the MHD app by navigating to the file folder you saved the BEF.
8. Select burble, cold start options.
9. Press flash.
10. Wait 45-50 minutes to complete.
11. Select 4/2 from steering wheel controls to tell JB4 you're running a BEF.
12. Select desired map from JB4.
13. Start car, log, share thoughts and data.

Thanks for the step by step, but i have 2 more question.

were i have to pay the 200 i download the MHD but didnt charge me anything.

what its the burble, cold start option ???
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