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I think you have some things mixed up. Do you have JB4? These maps are meant to be flashed to be used with JB4.

There is no Stage 1 or Stage 2 back end flash, those are meant for flash only with no JB4.

If you use JB4, download the file at thread start, unzip it and it will have all the files to be used only with JB4.

Originally Posted by frefer82
Hello friends im goint to do this, so i have some questions,

1- the MHD have stage 1 and stage2. witch one to use car have pure stage 1 and meth?

2- after the MHD map do i have to install the file in the first post ?

3- Do i need to do any changes to the maps or only the 4/2 settings ?

4- The meth kit is working or do i need anithing else???

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