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Originally Posted by 2ritch
Hi Guy's

Just wanted to say thanks to @VROOM for his "Little or No Boost" Thread located here:

My car was only boosting 3psi and then I started getting "Drivetrain Malfunction" and 2 dreaded error codes (120308 & 108F01) - boost pressure lower than expected and boost leak between turbo & intake plenum.

Listening to my mechanic...and thinking it was a bad charge-pipe or o-ring or possible intercooler leak...I bought a full set of Evolution Racewerks ***** & VSRF race 6" stepped FMIC (pic attached)...which solved nothing But it sure looked sweet and my intake temps have dropped dramatically so far (haven't got to do a highway log as yet...stay tuned)

I followed VROOM's guidelines on his thread. After finding no physical leaks thru a pressure test of the intake system I bought a boost gauge and did his solenoid test & wastegate test.

Bcuz of where I'm located I was unable to find a 100cc syringe or vacuum I used a 70cc syringe, I was able to deduce that my wastegate still had a vacuum seal and diaphragm was intact, but I was unable to get movement from the wastegate arm bcuz the vacuum created by the smaller syringe was too little.

I then did the solenoid test and BOOM found my problem (pics attached) after connecting the boost gauge I realized my solenoid was pushing minimal vacuum 3" and this probably was my problem!! I was able to borrow a boost solenoid from an e-series n54 and swap them out...once I connected this solenoid my vacuum went right back to 15" - Did a test drive and my BOOST WAS BACK!! :burn rubber: oh yeah!

So "Little or No Boost" guy's! I recommend following VROOM's guidelines to solve your problems!

So the fix was to buy a N54 solenoid ??? or you bougth a N55 solenoid or are they the same ???
sorry for the dumm question.
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