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Originally Posted by Honeybadger
Wonder if a battery relocate would allow us a better tank capacity for WMI. Can combine it with an interchiller and coolant tank for it.

Once we get o2 control, those two items (or one or the other) should allow us a pretty significant gain.
This is an interesting proposal! I am satisfied with the size of the water methanol tank that is mounted in the engine bay of my Mazda CX-5. It only sprays when I am under WOT so the tank lasts long enough to not be burdensome.

You can calculate your WMI tank needs by using the JB4's autolog feature. Since autologging occurs at ~WOT, you can calculate the time (in hours) you will need WMI and multiply that by 7 gallons per hour. That will tell you how much auxillary fuel you will need under your driving conditions.

I highly recommend for a true track car or 65% methanol and higher applications that the tank be mounted in the trunk. My engine bay mount is not the safest place to have a tank of fuel.

In regards to relocating the battery, I will not be relocating the battery unless it is necessary to upgrade the turbo inlet piping. I look forward to the day that I am relocating the battery so a bigger turbo and inlet piping can be mounted.

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to air/water intercoolers since my CX-5 has air/air which I am common to. There has been a lot of talk about coolant expansion or aftermarket interchiller work for the m3t but I think there is more bang for your buck in directing more cold air towards the intake.

This is similar to what I did for the CX-5 to reduce IATs and I will not be replacing the intercooler because of it. The intercooler efficiency is still in the range it needs to be. I upgraded the intake to a short ram intake and installed a heat shield around it. The heat shield did NOTHING when I first installed it and the datalogs proved that. I spent time adding heat reflection tape to the heat shield and added a silicone skirt to keep the radiator heat that the fan is moving around away from the intake. I then modified the air dam that moves air towards the ram intake to enable higher flow into the heat shield. This didn't cost much but dramatically improved my IATs. It improved them more than any aftermarket intercooler would.

I would use the JB4 as a way to prove what you are doing is having a positive impact on IATs.
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