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Default WMI - 09-18-2021, 03:16 PM

I wanted to create a thread focused on the development of water methanol injection(WMI) for the Mazda 2.5T and share how I installed my WMI. When I saw that Burger Motorsports was developing a JB4 unit for the Mazda 2.5T, I became really interested in working on a platform that was new and could use some support. I decided to go ahead and install WMI as a means to eliminate heat soak but the more I saw pictures of the 2.5T engine being pulled apart, I am glad I am running the WMI to keep the valves clean.

I purchased the universal WMI kit from Burger and used other components as I deemed necessary. I appreciate how I can control the WMI settings from the app.

The current firmware for the Mazda 2.5T only supports a setpoint boost level that the pump turns on and sprays. It is not progressive but more of a drag setup currently because of the beta status.

There are no power gains running WMI currently as the timing does not increase past a 93 octane fuel IMO. The BM7 nozzle in a drag set up actually lowered power by ~15hp. The WMI will be necessary when boost is increased or auxiliary fueling is used to keep trim levels in check.

Mazda CX-5 WMI - Album on Imgur

Meth Tank - Snow Performance 3L (Engine bay mounted but trunk mounted is superior)
Meth Pump - Burger Motorsports
Filter - AEM 30-3003 (40 microns)
Solenoid - Burger Motorsports (has a filter on inlet side as well)
Check Valve - Snow Performance
Nozzle mount - Snow performance silicone nozzle adapter
Nozzle - BM7 (7gph)
FSB for JB4 - WMI control board from Burger Motorsports
Low level switch - Snow Performance float switch
50/50 Water Meth- Snow Performance Boost Juice

Looking forward to a firmware update to allow a progressive flow rate. I am thinking about changing the nozzle to the BM5 if the firmware won't be available for some time.

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