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Default 2020 (facelift) C43 Newbie Question - 05-07-2021, 04:04 PM

Good day everyone,

Placed an order for a JB4 with Bluetooth connectivity yesterday and looks like my unit is arriving this Monday! EXCITED!!

I have a couple question in regards to the JB4 installation and usage:

1. Once the hardware is hooked up, any steps I should take? I plan on running my JB4 using Map 2 or 3, can I jump right into that? Or do I start with map 1 for a bit before going into 2 and 3?

2. Being a facelift, will I feel a huge difference with and without a BCM? I know based on some threads, a BCM is a must to get pre facelift numbers, to be honest I got the JB4 for that extra bit of power, not too concerned with 0-60 times and such, strictly butt dynamic

3. Do I need to do any software download/unload once the Bluetooth is hooked up and everything is running? And when do I know of updates?

All help and advice is greatly appreciated! Can't wait to have the unit installed.

Thank you!
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