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Default 09-04-2015, 04:52 AM

6k isn't really short shifting at least not for us stock turbo guys lol. It's pretty much the standard for stock turbos. I am jealous of no major boost taper in the DCT RB log. Must be nice to have upgraded twins/inlets.

I think what BuraQ may have been alluding to do is how a few of the cylinders timing lags behind at the shift. At one point cylinders 2-6 were 6 degrees behind cyl 1. I am pretty sure those would be displayed as 'corrections' if logged that way with the JB4, though raw timing is easier to interpret as the JB4 used to graph the corrections as a positive value (indicating how much it corrected) instead of a negative value like Cobb/MHD. For that reason everyone logs raw timing on JB4 vs corrections on Cobb/MHD.

I'd have to dig up some old JB4 logs but as Trebila mentioned I remember Terry saying something about Cyl2-6 timing sampling being slower/lower on JB4 which could cause the lag given how quick the DCT shifts compared to an AT or MT.
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