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Originally Posted by BuraQ
I'll show it to you right here.....

This is what a DCT car is supposed to look like with post shifts either little to no timing drops


Another example


No timing drop during post shift


Was it a fluke ? , well lets look at another log of another car


Here is another, different car, the mother of them all


and here is the latest one I am working on being retuned with inlets


I just think you have a misunderstanding of how the DCT should be tuned.
Hi Buraq
thanks for sharing your DCT logs.
Always better to have more information, specially with DCT upshifts logs.

I think you misunderstand the difference between timing drops and timing cuts while upshifting.
If the upshift is fast enough, you won't see any timing cuts at all.

Overall the logs provided:
1) you run each time much less boost
2) the drivers shortshift around 6000 rpm, whereas in my log, upshift @6500 rpm
3) JB4 timing cylinder 2->6 logging frequency is different from cyl 1 one (the most accurate).
4) where are the raw timing curve in your logs? If I choose to display only cyl1 raw timing and cyl2->6 timing correction, I'll have the same perfect timing curves than you.
5) we can see upshift timing cuts in your logs too.

with pics:

my log: 20.5 psi during upshift at 6560 rpm, timing cut (6 advance only on cyl 2->6, 12 advance on cyl 1)

your logs:
log 1: 15.26 psi, upshift at 6000 rpm, and a timing cut (-2 retard on cyl 1):

log 2: 14.31 psi, upshift at 6181 rpm, and a timing cut (-3.75 retard on cyl 1):

log 3: 16.6 psi, upshift at 5800rpm, and a timing cut (3 adance on cyl 1):

log4: 15.3 psi, upshift at 6200 rpm, and a timing cut (-0.8 timing retard):

log 5: your car: 16.7 psi, upshift at 6200 rpm, no timing cut in this upshift, but a little one in the later upshift (9 timing advance on cyl 1).

log 6: 17.53 psi, upshift at 5832rpm, no timing cut on cyl 1:

If I select only cylinder 1 raw timing, here is what my log looks like:
21.5 psi midrange, tappering to 20.6 psi right before the upshift, boost drop to 19.8 psi during the upshift, and no timing cut at 12.7 advance!!!

no DCT slippage during or after the upshift, much more boost than in your logs, really strong timing, no "DCT overheat" alarms.

csv file attached.
I think it's a damn good log for a first try.
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FBO N54 AT 135i 'vert with JB4 and Trebila Performance custom flash

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