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Originally Posted by trebila
in fact, I'm tuning the DCT "load to torques" tables in an opposite way than 6AT ones.

instead of lowering L2T values (for 6AT), I raise them even higher than stock ones to lock the DCT.

I see neither a shift delay in this log, nor DCT slippage.
We can share technical informations by e-mail if you want, and you'll show me how a DCT shift log should look like

WGDC curve (green) in this log is the actual torque calculated by the DME.
as you can see, it tapper at barely 450-480 ft-lb at 6500 rpm right before the upshift.
I'm still working with the customer on it, still raising the torque values, and no "DCT overheat" alarm.
I'll show it to you right here.....

This is what a DCT car is supposed to look like with post shifts either little to no timing drops


Another example


No timing drop during post shift


Was it a fluke ? , well lets look at another log of another car


Here is another, different car, the mother of them all


and here is the latest one I am working on being retuned with inlets


I just think you have a misunderstanding of how the DCT should be tuned.

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