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Originally Posted by Drottam
Just wanted to post an update of my progress. After fitting the car with methanol and getting some tuning in the car had a best dragy 60-130 pass of 8.28s and dragy 1/4 mile of 11.61s on stock turbos and intake. The dragy quarter mile was a terrible launch as
it wasnít at a proper track. But this is where it is with stock set up.

29psi, 50/50 93oct/e85, methanol injection dual cm7 and dual cm3, 2-stage colder plugs, arm **, and frequency intelligence exhaust. This does NOT include the Ferrara light-weight wheels...these runs are on my winter wheels.

Unfortunately I never touched 10ís with the stock turbo setup as I wanted. Didnít make it to the track in 2018 since I was always traveling or working on the car tuning least I got some solid runs with dragy and vs some
Friends...I still havenít lost

Since I never got that elusive 10ís pass I have decided to upgrade turbos. I have installed a custome set of turbos and once tuning and testing is complete Iíll post another update!

If you have a moment, take a look at my thread here and see if you can help please N63TU JB4 Settings? - - International Turbo Racing Discussion
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