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Default 07-26-2018, 06:56 AM

This morning I tried to get as many as could on the way to work with different modes and maps to try and give you plenty of samples

Back in the day... early 2000s when I was in my twenties I was into racing with the 2nd Gen 4G63 AWD platform although I used an 1st Gen 6 bolt block and went through various stages before I ended up going through the Haltech e6k, and then onto the Motec M4 series. Unfortunately in the end the drivetrain just was not worth it and at that point we decided against turning the engine, powerglide, 9" rear and all that that would entail but I did get to work with Bob Norwood on the car for several years and it was fun but had its day.

Anyways I will be more than happy to assist however I can and provide whatever I can to help yall get this platform as much as possible

The last tuning I did was the Motec M4 so if you can give me an crash course in what options I have in regards to what signals you are able to send to the computer I will do some playing around in map 6, whatever options you can come up with for this thing I would love to customize it

I also have been in IT and development for about 20 years now so I am not sure what all of the firmware you release since mine came preloaded but if you can modify the display the other things like that with this JB4 then I would love to see what I could play with on a custom load

thanks again!
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