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Originally Posted by dushash
Hey Drottam,

when you'll add meth kit, will you run it on map 8? And if yes, what kind of fuel mix will you use with meth? I mean will you still use 50/50 93/E85 or just 93? And will you tap nozzles into charge-pipe? Dual CM7 or Cm10 nozzles?
Thank you
Well I was outta the game for a bit but I’m back. I have added BMS meth kit with dual cm7. I put the nozzles pre IC in a custom charge pipe setup. It’s not fancy but it’s functional. I just installed something I got for cheap from a guy who tried pre IC and went to post IC. Anyway I started with just 93 oct and lower boost (20-22psi) map6. On WOT the car sputtered a lot and knocked. I wasn’t feeling the methanol at that boost level seemed like the cm7 was too much. But idk if that was for sure the case. So I went to 50/50 mix and bump up to 24-25psi. Car runs like a beast I’ve posted a 3.5 0-60 and a 9.25 60-130 on dragy with just 93oct and some slight sputter. I think I can get sub 9sec 60-130 if I run 50/50 and go to 26psi on meth. I have a faster 9.12 60-130 but I haven’t posted...gonna wait to get that solid sub 9

I basically only run map6 bc map8 makes my car have DTM codes almost every wot pull. Plus now I mostly run 50/50 fuel mix so I’m not dependent on the meth to keep the car safe.

So FYI on that note, I have posted before...these cars above 20psi on stock turbos NEED e85 mix to avoid detonation. Trust me on this. Maybe one could run 93 oct with smaller cm5 meth nozzles at 22 psi. But for me dual cm7 with 93oct at 22psi would sputter for the first 2 secs of a wot run. So I feel much safer with the the 50/50 and meth.
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