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Thanks Terry, I will get the firmware updated.. what plugs do you suggest? I ordered a set of HKS M45iL Spark Plugs this morning and shortly after was messaged by a Kia tech about some horror stories with these very expensive plugs... I want to get these swapped so that I am getting maximum benefits from the JB4 and not let sub par plugs ruin it.

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
If everyone gets misfires at higher boost levels we may have to start stocking spark plugs for the motor.

Be sure to update the firmware and let me know how map1 does. One of our goals is to have a map1 that will not misfire even on weak plugs (assuming the stock tuning doesn't misfire), and then the higher maps are for those who want to experiment with higher power levels, ,knowing plugs may become an issue.
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