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Default 03-24-2018, 08:36 PM

Yeah, unfortunately I wasn't running the logging for the JB4 at the time, so I'll have to give it a go again running it as well. Was doing the engine stats off the snap-on and pre-JB4 MAP voltage readings because I figured having that would be helpful as well, and from what I can see, the JB4 can't poll any of that in it's logger as of now (aside from the ecu psi and boost that a noticed it was logging) since the canbus module isn't ready for the stinger yet.

Was wondering if the plug issues would rear it's head or not after getting heavier into the boost settings.

Ran map 1 earlier today while I was playing with logging and didn't hit any issues while running those settings. Boost seemed to trend stock about 3 pounds through high rpm as expected, and was holding a boost a touch longer when letting off throttle than stock settings.

I'll do the firmware update and some logging on map1 tommorow and see if any issues pop back up, as I went out just a bit ago and ran the car through it's paces on map0 and it never acted up.
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