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Originally Posted by Killa200
Well I've got some not so encouraging news. I took the car out for a few pulls, and on pull three we most definitely has issues.

I ran the car in mode 0 (disabled) and twice in mode two (+4psi). The first time things went without a hitch. Drove a couple of miles and went to pull again, and about half way through a WOT pull I got a solid check engine light that went off after finishing the pull (got up to 80Mph and let off). Slowed down to make the turn onto another road, and when I gave the car a little throttle to start speeding up I started getting misfires and the check engine light was back on. Drove the remaining mile to my house in that condition, and when I placed it in park, she was idling very rough, definite misfire.

Fired up the laptop and set the tune back down to mode 0 (disabled) and gave the car a few minutes, then fired it back up. Car ran as normal. Gave it a few hard accelerations in park up to 5krpm, and everything still ran fine as can be, with no check engine light.

I've got the entire sessions (all three pulls) recorded on my snapon diagnostics setup (should be able to be watch on the free ShopStream Connect software, and pictures of the maximum pre-chip MAP sensor voltage for each of the pulls as well.

I've enclosed a zip that has the session file, the software to view it, and a picture of the max map sensor voltage reading named to match the mark where the max boost occurred on the SnapOn Playback.

Misfires at higher boost levels are not unexpected on the platform from what I've heard. You will probably need new plugs with a tighter gap at some point. How many miles do you have? Read and share the specific codes you're getting when you can.

For data appreciate what you tried to collect but none of it is useful for us. We only need logs from the JB4 itself using the interface in the first post, as anything boost or voltage related from the OBDII port won't be accurate anyway. And the JB4 outputs all the raw sensor outputs we need.

I've also added updated JB4 firmware to the first post to correct a scaling issue on the boost logging. Load that and log map1.

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