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Default 12-14-2017, 10:08 AM

Originally Posted by J. Dub
Exactly my thoughts Mike. I like how no one addressed your questions. /s
1. What MAF housings and intakes are those?
No idea.

2. Is that car AWD? That would make it more special.
It's not, as you can see it on a 2wd dyno in the pic in post #1.

3. 6 speed or 8 speed?
8 spd

4. Is this even possible with a TU until Terry makes a JB4 for it? I can't imagine owning another BMW out of warranty after what the last one cost me, and all the F10 LCIs that are covered have the N63N.
Yes it's more possible with a TU. The JB4 has even better tuning capabilities with the newer TU engines.
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