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Originally Posted by Drottam
You can still get the JB4 for the M5 and run it with the N63tu software. I think BMS will pick back up if the community shows interest and starts to support! N63tu now has flash tuning as well so that paired with the JB4 will open up these cars even more! JB4 is a must to get the highest boost like I was running. But I have a speed limiter that needs to go so I need a flash. Plus flash will be able to cut out the CEL from map sensors being unplugged with JB4. So, perfect combo for me. Plus my base tune from flash will run strong.

I think all of those mods are available for this car already. Just depends on where you look.

I have been tuning the car myself after Terry set up the initial tune when I installed the BCM (I have prototype 550i JB4, the M5 comes with BCM). So as I have been playing with my tune and adding more e85 my car would run strongest with 26psi 50/50 mix of e85/93oct. My turbos have actually held 30psi for 2-3rd gear pulls! So I think our turbos are strong enough to hold the boost, but at that level they are just spinning too fast and making a bunch of hot air. I donít run 26psi daily unless Iím feeling peppy

I typically run 22psi using 93octane and she runs strong! But IAT are a bit high during the hot days. So we really need better ICs and meth! Iím not sure that we need turbos unless you want a 10 second daily!! (ME!!)
Exceptional info. Thank you!
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