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Default 08-29-2016, 04:26 AM

It's been a couple weeks and "knock on wood" I can safely say I corrected the issue. Replaced all injectors with index 12 and the issue remained. Replaced both front O2 sensors with same results. All coil packs replaced again same result. Also swapped map sensors again with same results. Each time the car got better to drive but the base same issue was there... Cruise at highway speeds light throttle lean on bank 1 and would get so bad the car would misfire and stutter.

Finally decided the only thing left was the backend flash. Car had the BB flash and everything on the car was on the latest and greatest version of software. Went to the MHD flash and boom! Car runs much smoother and the stutter issue is totally gone. Hope this helps someone else who might have the same problems. I know a lot of times not everyone posts ehat actually fixed their issue. All the items I replaced were good ideas to replace and the car benefitted from them, but add the flash to the issue of possible causes.
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