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If you do not have a 2STEP/NLS relay installed then make sure JB4 menu8 in dash is set to 0rpm. Otherwise the JB4 will assume a clutch wire is installed which will block the port injection from kicking on.

Directions for wiring up the new BMS JB4 Port Injection Controller:

Black connects to ground
Red connects to JB4 power on green connector
Yellow goes to the BMS data cable #9
White goes to JB4 DB25 harness spot #15 (where meth blue would normally go)
Purple goes in the JB4 small gray subconnector #21 as read from the female side
Orange wire is a +12v output for your second fuel pump OR WMI PUMP (if running meth port injection), it has a maximum output of around 2 amps so run it through a relay.

Note with the BMS JB4 PI Controller no programming is required on the controller itself.

Setup on the JB4 end:

1) For this to work the JB4 needs the latest 24k22 programming on the slave chip. Any G5 board shipped after 11/1/2015 will have this programming already. For older boards you can update it by adding the anti-lag chip on our upgrades page.
2) Ensure the JB4 has the latest firmware
3) Set fuel bias to 50 for all RPM spots. This indicates to run the JB4s default curve. From that point you can raise or lower the values by RPM to tell the JB4 to add more or less fuel based on the current tuning conditions. Note the JB4 also takes in to account gear, low fuel pressure, rate of boost gain, intake temperatures, and other factors to arrive at a final port injection output. The output value is displayed as fuel-enrich in JB4 logs.
4) Set "meth scaling" to 99. When port injection is flowing you should see a meth flow trace appear in JB4 logs that mirrors "fuel enrichment" (port injection dutycycle request). If the trace is stuck at 0 there is likely a wiring or setup issue.
5) Menu8 in dash must be set to 0, unless vehicle is manual transmission equipped with a NLS/2STEP relay.
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