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Default 05-24-2019, 12:35 AM

Originally Posted by FuelTuner
Hey everyone,
Whats the parameters that dictate Map 3 kicking out into failsafe condition ?
I have the genaric map 3 settings , except boost cut set to 20 psi
2008 N54 335i
Pure Turbos
JB4 Meth
Intake / ********* , Exhaust , BOV, Intercooler, newplugs
MHD BEF ( pump gas usa )
JB4 meth w/ twin nozzles 70/30 mix
91 oct

I personally dont see anything in the log that would show an issue .... but again I do not know what ultimately causes the map to swap over to map 4 . I did not put this car together , install any parts . So I am assuming that the meth system is funtioning correctly as it shows flow and the system was purged and working .
Car was smoke tested intake and exhaust .
Log is attached.
Boost failsafe 20 psi
Default wg position 60
PID gain 25
Auto shift boost redux 60
FF WG adapt 72
Open Loop 70
Meth safe mode 0
Meth trigger mode 0
Max boost 1st 12
Max boost 2nd 0
Max boost 3rd 0
Your throwing safety 1- boost safety

Yours is set to 18- bump that up to 19 or 20- SAVE & relog

e92 AT 335xi 2.0
Doc Race Kit 6062
Fuel-It!Platinum DIY PI Kit + Stage 2BL
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