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Default 02-21-2019, 05:30 PM

Did some pulls in 7 for **** and giggles in the new firmware, and it kicked me to Map 0.

Dropped it down to 5, same thing.

Went to 4 and I'm good.

I think the MAP temps (Trans Temp in the app) aren't right. The IAT I think are pretty on, but the MAP ones I've seen in the last few days either below ambient (which shouldn't be possible) or WAY above (and when I say "way" mean way; before I left for these pulls it was saying my MAF intake temp was like 90-something degrees and it is like 57 degrees outside... I popped my hood and felt the MAF sensor and the intake tubing and there was no way it was 90+).

Could incorrect temps trigger the safety map?

Give 'em a look over and let me know what's up.
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