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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
As tuned it won't have any effect at low throttle. At high throttle, more power, takes more fuel. So it's all about how you drive it.

Speaking of which, any interest in a VW valet / low boost map?

Yes! I would be interested in trying this. I'm actually taking a long trip 1000+ miles in September. And would like to try it.

On a related note. My wife just got back from a 300 mile trip and before she left I turned off the Tune and just put it back to Map 0. To my amazement when she got back I checked fuel consumption and she averaged 37.4! what!! Now bear in mind my wife isn't a very slow driver, but the roads she was on where usually 55-65 mph and she did use cruise quite a bit.

I'm still shocked.. lol
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