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Default 04-25-2016, 08:50 AM

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Only the KR maps posted are available. I've been pestering MHD to add a JB4 KR flash time option which would let you toggle it for any map. Maybe if more of you guys pester him it will get done.
I hear you on that and as discussed by email the trans option. Will be back to business next week after a much needed 2 weeks break.

Originally Posted by E30t387
Now the only thing I did different last time was reset the vanos, so my question is, would a faulty vanos sensor cause the 30ff code? I know it could be the turbos , but want to try everything else before I go that expensive route. Thanks in advance for the feedback
You should get a VANOS error code along 30ff if this is the culprit. Did you pull some logs?
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