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Default 04-25-2016, 08:36 AM

Originally Posted by mrkoven
how noticeable is the increase from 91oct stage 1 to stage 1+fmic?
You can try yourself as it came for free in the stg1 pack. FMIC is a recommendation for the more aggressive map.

Originally Posted by as3.0cl
where are these setting in the app? i would like the raised idle but i cannot find it. do we need the full flashing app to change these settings or do they appear after the BEF is loaded....sorry if this has been covered.
Before flashing, there is an options button just below.

Originally Posted by E30t387
I might have skipped over it ,but I think I read it somewhere, but I'll ask to be on the safe side, I have the jb+ in my 535 right now, but just downloaded the MHD app, and ordered the cables. Will I be able to keep the jb+ on the car with a mhd flash?
The jb+ will bias and run more boost than intended by each map. Better run flash only.
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