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Default RBTwo+ Day two log check - 05-14-2022, 11:27 AM

Hey team,

Everything for my 135i is installed and working on my 135i except the E85 sensor giving a 0% reading because I think the shop forgot power.

Anyway I put a full tank of 93 in since the sensor just reads 0% ethanol and went ahead test drove the car for 130 mile over the last 24 hours. Starting at 8lbs of boost and finally ending at 23lbs of boost I seem to have reached my fueling limit as I get kicked into the Low Pressure Fuel Pump safety after 24Lbs of boost.

Here is what is currently installed for these logs.
  • JB4 MAP 6 @ 23Lbs FLAT
  • High Flow *********
  • RBTwo+ Turbos
  • 2" Inlet and Outlets
  • Turbosmart Diverter Valves
  • 40MM Fan and Heatsink mod on the EKP
  • JB4 Hybrid Flex Fuel BEF
  • Fuel-IT E85 Sensor
  • Fuel-IT Stage 2 525 pump
  • 7.5" Intercooler
  • Bosch 0242145541 @ .018"
  • Eldor Coil Packs
  • RB Upgraded PCV Valve
  • High Side catch can
  • xHP Stage 3 with line pressure boost

Pull in 3rd gear from 1500 to 7200ish
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