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Default 11-24-2021, 05:27 PM

dang, sorry to hear about this what a bummer. You can always send your oil in and get a used oil analysis just to make sure. I once had an oil change and could have sword I saw copper flakes, but oil analysis came back fine. Check out black stone labs, its fairly inexpensive and will tell you a lot.

One time I was driving and my oil coolant line busted, I too had a knock similar to yours due to low oil pressure. Had it towed home, replaced my oil coolant lines and replaced fluid. Knock went away. Not sure what was knocking exactly, but it sounded just like your video.

Good Luck!

Edit: If I am not mistaken all those codes that you got appear to be timing related, could be as a result of low oil pressure as a lot of components rely on oil pressure to function.
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