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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
What we're looking for are drops that are not mapped out, e.g. in response to early knock. You want to see a smooth slope up as RPM increases. If it looks like a downward staircase instead, you know more octane or less boost is needed.
I received the heat exchanger and had our lead tech install it (I work at an Infiniti dealership), but having an issue with electronics. Everything installed perfectly, fluids replaced, etc. When I take it out and drive it I'm having throttle issues. I stomp on the gas and reaction from the engine is immediate as always, but after a blip of 100% throttle, it backs itself down to around 30-35% throttle. There is NO power...feels like it's running on 3cyl. I drove the car to lunch before the install and it ran perfectly, now with the heat exchanger in the car feels like half of the motor is gone. Did we miss something in the install? Is there something in the diagnostics and/or setup in the JB4 to account for the new hardware? Please help!!!

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