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Default 03-27-2019, 10:56 AM

Good afternoon Terry. I have some data for you.

So I ran the car for about 30 minutes on 99 octane and Map 3...very mellow...let the ECU learn things.

I then did some runs. The main 2 runs are using LC...labelled as such. The other 3 files are just WOT...I lost track of which was which so just added all 3. I apologize if they are crappola.

I am a bit upset though. Best I could do on Map 2 via LC and 93 octane is 4.42 seconds. I know you said that 0-60 is not a reliable measure. Plus...this thing is awful to launch. You simply cannot launch well at 2,200 RPM.

Anyhoo...with Map 3 and 99 octane...using I could do is 4.38 seconds. That is 0.04 seconds better. I just cannot believe it. Map 3 does feel MUCH stronger after initial launch though. I mean almost nauseating

I just wish I could see nice numbers like everyone else is posting, etc. I was really expecting to see like 3.9 or something like that

I think this Dragy thing is not working correctly for one. Numbers are off from run to run (and completely off IMHO and butt dyno) will not charge past 90%...and half the time it says Invalid even though I am on 100% level ground (verified by GPS).

Anyhoo...enough of my bitching.

Let me know your thoughts.

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File Type: csv 2019-03-27 13_21_33_Map-3_wot.csv (16.7 KB, 101 views)
File Type: csv 2019-03-27 13_22_28_Map-3_wot.csv (13.3 KB, 104 views)
File Type: csv 2019-03-27 13_24_51_Map-3_wot.csv (12.4 KB, 94 views)

2019 Genesis G70 3.3T AWD Sport
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