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Originally Posted by sd306
Terry or MHD, can you add the option to flash the BEF as manual transmission (or xHP option) since xHP will allow the transmission to handle the actual torque? My car has all kinds of issues (doesnt hit boost, timing drops) when running both (bef and xhp) together but others who run only mhd flash and xhp with manual transmission option selected dont. I'm staying sith alpina flash for now and it works great and is very consistent.

Or if you could give me a guide of what tables to change and what the values should be I can do that (to make it like "manual" settings in mhd flash)

Thank you for all your work!!
I've also flashed xHP Stage 3 with JB4 BEF. Afterwards, car seemed to run fine, but then completely stalled when I was doing some 3rd gear runs (see here: Took my car to a shop who said a bunch of throttle values/settings were incorrect, among some other settings, using INPA. Hard reset all adaptations and haven't had a problem, until today, when the same thing happened to me (car stalled). I'm wondering if this could be due to the xHP TCU flash not playing well with the BEF? I'm gonna flash the TCU back to stock for now.

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