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Originally Posted by nyt
Awesome, do you know what the Y values represent in the Maximum spark retard table? That's not a table I'll be playing with, just curious.
The units are supposed to be mg/stk, same as the y-axis in the knock factor tables. It appears the DAMOS had the formula wrong for it, so I will need to fix it. For now, just picture these values in the y-axis (leaving out the decimals) 201, 321, 441, 561, 680, 800, 882, 958. Those would be from the MAF calcs the DME runs. Shame MAF is modeled so high in places, but boost (psi) isn't close =(

Originally Posted by prelude2perfect
So what do those updates translate into as far as features go? Adjustable idle maybe? I'm not very tuning savy
If you have a 6MT, you can use the idle tables to raise you idle and get rid of the SMFW rattle that annoys everyone.

The new knock tables, I don't expect many to use unless you really know what you are doing, and run > 30% E85. If you get protuned and run E85, then expect more consistent power in the future as long as your tuner knows what they are doing! I added the for completeness.

Speaking of knock tables, there are two more "maximum spark retard" tables w/ different values. I suppose I will add them for completeness sake as well.

The boost solenoid PWM table is for the ST crowd. It will allow use of a 3-port MAC solenoid to control the wastegates.

Originally Posted by matthewo
im going to tweak normal idle no load a little bit and mt drive off and power steering as i get massive drops with power steering with 245s up front. if these tables actually help i will be this will be great to fix little gripes i have about the car

current grips, : car idles a tiny bit too low going to up it 40 RPM to 700, mt drive off support i may bump it up a tiny bit above idle to see, as i do find the car wants to stall sometimes if very slowly let off the clutch where as it should creep forward and keep going. other thing obviously is power steering load causes rpms to drop a lot for parking, so i will up this a little and report back tomorrow.
I set all values that were previously less than 1000 in mine to 1000 across the board, and all is well =)

Originally Posted by Element
Cheers Jake! Another donation coming your way...
Originally Posted by LuniZ74
Keep up the good work! ������

Just donated för the Good cause.

Originally Posted by MHD
As someone in touch with Jake every 2-3 days, I can testify he deserves to get donations for the sheer amount of work he puts into our beloved platform. Hats off to you Jake.
Thank you all! And big thanks to Martial as well, he ports over everything I find / define in IJEOS to the other roms. Gotta keep them in sync.

Enjoying the new tables discovered and the XDF progress made? if you'd like. Every bit is appreciated!
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