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Originally Posted by ddnspider
Your fuel wires are definitely working. Any large drops in timing (3 degrees or more except in high gear right around 5000-5200) typically indicate knock. I've seen Ecutek tunes that showed timing drops less than this, but yours increases through the pull which is good.

Sometimes dropping a couple PSI and letting the ECU add more timing can make it feel quicker.

I did an install with pics that keeps everything under the hood if you decide to look for install options.
I'll keep that in mind thank you! The WMI thread is pretty good, i like how some are stepping up to a bigger nozzle to correct for maxed fuel trims. Mine look okay from what i see on E30. So i'd just use it for the octane increase.

Still need to do intakes, lower down pipe, CBE, and heat exchanger. i'd also like to do BOV's but on the stock tune, i'm not sure how well those would play.
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