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Default How do my logs look? - 10-02-2019, 02:28 PM

Hey everyone ! I've been reading this thread for awhile now, probably read it twice so i wouldn't have to ask so many questions. From there i hooked up my JB4 and copied some boost profiles from this thread they'll be below and blended some E30 and loaded map 6. Below is my log, everything looks good to me, though i'm not sure what max commanded spark is at WOT with no correction from the BCM or ECU or TCU. Any ideas?

I just plugged in my fuel wires, BTW to anyone reading. On the passenger side, you can pull the 02 sensor wires up and out of the bracket that's holding them down. Once that's done and unplugged from the pigtail you can use two hands to install the fuel wire without much trouble.

I installed fuel wires today, wanted some opinions on my logs before turning on the fuel wires. Bit0 should've been turned off, but when i turned on my car this afternoon it was already enabled? That being said the AFR's in the log might be wrong, i'll turn the boost down tonight and do some logging and see where i'm at..

Also i'm looking for some insight on trims, what exactly are we looking at? HPFP + LPFP duty cycles? STFT ? LTFT ? What's "bad" i couldn't exactly find that out by reading this thread.

Also, how is everyone looking at spark knock? I'm guessing if spark goes from 6-10* (what i'm seeing) to 2* or 0* we can assume the ECU is pulling timing..?

Thanks for the insight! Loved the WMI thread, going to grab some BMS goodies over the next few months and try to keep on learning as i go.

Below is my map 6 boost table. Car feels like it's dying up top, logs look "ok"to me, should i taper it down less in the upper RPM? I wish we could tune the shift points without the ECU being flashed.

1500 - 1
2000 - 1.5
2500 - 2.5
3000 - 3.5
3500 - 4.5
4000 - 5.0
4500 - 5.0
5000 - 5.0
5500 - 4.0
6000 - 2.0
6500 - 1.0
7000 - 0.0
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