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I'm having issues with logging (BMS cable). I've been working on a custom map 6 configuration. Sometimes after changing and saving user adjustment settings, it won't capture a log.

I use a small netbook, making sure a connection to the JB4 is first established, then use the "Log Heavy Throttle Only" option and start driving. After I make my pulls, I park somewhere and stop the log to review it.

I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting, changing to other maps and back to map 6, closing and restarting the application, logging raw data only, increasing upload timeout from 5 to 7, all to no avail.

It seems like the OBD-II connection is broken during pulls. Very frustrating and I don't really want to change any settings since I want to log them as they currently are.

Attached is a recent capture when logging was working.

On a similar note, when logging is working with default PIDs, if I add IAT to the set of PIDs, logging then fails to capture.

While we're on the subject, I'd like to be able to define my own set of custom PIDs to log, since some of the default PIDs are not needed, such as cyl5, cyl6, WGDC (I would like to see data for this one), Fuel Pressure High (ditto, want to see this data), average advance, AFR_2. Perhaps capturing too many PIDs simultaneously is the root cause of logging failure.
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