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Originally Posted by wtfmarine
I didn't hear any obvious knocking. But there where a lot of extra noises also. You should record the sound outside the vehicle with the hood up and engine cover off so nothing is muffled. Also if you can hear a knock it's already done its damage. Engines start knocking way before you can actually hear it most times. Are you producing smoke of any kind? You say the car is running mint so it may just be a loose part in the engine bay. The N54 is a noisy engine anyways. You use a metal tube and place it on the part of the engine you suspect and listen to it or use a stethoscope for a car to listen.
The knocking sound is not coming from the engine! When I open up the hood i can hardly hear the sound, but when I'm in the cabin you can hear it ! The sound is coming from the front passenger side !
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