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Default Knocking sound on cold starts near passenger side. - 08-28-2015, 12:52 PM


I recently installed dci and er chargepipe about 3 weeks ago and Cobb v3 2 weeks ago. I noticed in the mornings after the car has been off for several hours it would make a knocking near the passenger side dash.. Its more noticeable in reverse however you won't be able to hear that cause of the pdc -_- . Also, I opened up the hood and tried to point out where it's knocking and its not noticeable at all. This only happens on a cold start...the car is running mint and does not jittter or anything. However, during the installation of dci and the chargepipe two screws did fall in the engine bay which I was unable to locate. I doubt it would be the screws because it only does it on a cold start?! My car is a 2009 335i e90 AT.

Please help

Thank you.

YouTube video:

Better video: ( you can see it's louder in reverse)
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