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Originally Posted by GB Cerato
Morning all,

I was wondering if someone could answer a couple of questions so I can read my logs with some more knowledge.

The car is a 2019 Cerato (Forte) GT 1.6l turbo

Only mods are Velossa big mouth, KN drop in filter and HKS plugs gapped to .022

I have attached a map 2 - 3rd gear log from today, fuel is BP 98 RON (93 octane in north America)

My questions are

1. Does the data look safe to run map 2 on this fuel?

2. should I be monitoring IGN AVG or IGN 1,2,3,4 on the app ?

3. What does fuel trim tell me? what are the max / min numbers?

4. How much timing is safe because it looks like it is pulling up to 7.5 degrees at the top end?

If anyone could shed some light on this for me it would be greatly appreciated.
My understanding is that ign_1 shows you the amount of advance on cylinder 1. Advancing the timing helps increase high-end power (i.e. the spark is firing earlier in the compression cycle). What you are looking for is big step drops in this value which generally means that you don't have sufficient octane in your fuel to support the level of boost you are commanding and are approaching detonation. The ECU is pulling timing in order to prevent detonation from occurring. At this point you could decrease boost or increase octane (or maybe both).

Different protocols are used to read ign_1 compared to 2-4 so there will be some variance between the two.

To my untrained eye the advance is still going up as you go up the rev range rather than dropping so on that basis I would say all is good. However, best to let Terry etc validate as I am amateur at best when it comes to reading these.

That's the way I understand it anyway. I'm sure somebody will tell me if I am wrong :-)

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