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Exclamation 04-25-2020, 03:20 PM

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
We offer limit N63 tuning support because it's such a headache. Read the codes, and then come up with a plan to correct them. Common codes are the MAF sensors needing to be replaced. If misfire then there are a host of possible causes for that separately.
I have only 2 codes:

180008 Catalytic converter: Efficiency below limit value (not validated)
102302 Air mass flow sensor, operating range: Cycle duration too low, air volume too high

The 180008 is obvious, I have no catalytic converters 🤷🏻*♂️

The air mass flow one I have no idea (this caused a DTM while I was at ~80% throttle)... The small log I have showed really high trims (above 40-45). That was on map 2! I have some 3.5bar sensors but need to order some connection kits because I have the deeaded type connector and I was told that it doesnít work properly without it 🤷🏻*♂️

On map 1, the app shows the o/u bosst always at -4 and the 2 boost dials donít show anything even at full throttle. I have to run map 6 at 3.5psi to have a relatively stable tune. Even at 3.6psi, I get DTMs with map 6...

With all the police around on the roads, itís practically impossible to do a wot 3rd gear pull, so donít ask!

I really have the impression that I paid 900$ for something that is only partially working.

Does anyone have any idea to help me?

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