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Default Meth not working JB4/FSB - 07-24-2020, 07:36 PM

2015 GLI
Xman turbo, APR Stage 2
JB4, FSB, BMS Meth BM7
Blue Pin 16
Orange Pin 3
Green to Solenoid other Solenoid wire to ground
Yellow to Pump

When logging I see 0, nothing is leaving the tank.

When I am in map 6 and purge, the pump turns on, meth flows from the nozzle

I followed this for set up
JB4 Meth Integration Setup - - International Turbo Racing Discussion

Then I tried messing with the meth trigger and safety settings noted here
N54 Settings - JB4Wiki

Still nothing.

Checked my wiring a dozzen times, still nothing.

Checked the fuse for the FSB, it was fine, replaced it anyway.

Still, nothing.

JB4 is on JB4_EA888_8_5_1.hex
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