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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Correct no fueling changes. That would require flex fuel wire connectors to the fuel rail which can be installed but are a pita to reach. Since there is so much CANbus data coming in now like engine speed, pedal position, AFR, timing in multiple cylinders, etc, the tuning itself can be more refined.

Boost also can't be raised above what was being run on the Stage1 as the duty cycle is limited. So to get power up we're going to have to figure out a way to get some level of boost solenoid control. That is what I'm working on now. Again, the prospects are not great, as the solenoids are difficult to reach. We may conclude it's best to use the JB4 as a support tool for fine tuning flash maps.
I have seen other companies such as G-Power who control fuel too, but through a pin in the ECU not the rail itself.. They have control of the tmap, MAF and fuelpressure, check attached pictures:

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